Brighton 2019

Week 38

A Fixed Odds League
Last update: Tuesday 16th April 17.45

Week 38

Running order updated

Will the Easter Bunny bring us some cash

Week 37

Two, two and one right across the board, not very good at all.

Not a lot resolved either, although Colin looks like he's one win away from promotion to the Premier, good luck up there mate.

3 weeks to go, could there yet be playoffs?

Week 36


Well done to Div 2 for a timely £63 win, some decent odds amongst the four selections there.

Not so good elsewhere with two wrong in each of the other two divisions, Div 3 including an impressive 9/5 Hit of the Week from our North-East correspondant, Steve-B.

With just four weekends to go it's still all to play for across the whole League with no-one as yet either definitely promoted, champion or relegated.

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