Brighton 2020

Week 4

A Fixed Odds League
Last update: Weds 21st Aug, 08:35

Week 4

All in

Week 3

It's a baptism of fire for one of our new entrants with a £189 hit to the kitty courtesy of Bryan and a dodgy scottish football selection. He sits bottom of Div 3 with a long hard season ahead. WAC points duly awarded.

Hit of the Week, as well as Season, this week goes to Robert as Bromley win away to the monkey-hangers.

Two wrong in each of the other divisions means a winless week, on to Week 4.

Week 1

As with the website itself, more than a few teething problems in Week 1.

Only three correct selections across the board (none at all in the Premier League) - well done Mick, Robert and Julian - gives us the worst possible start to the campaign.

Hit of the Week (and therefore Hit of the Season also), from a small pool, was Julian.

A long way to go, starting with Week 2. Could do better.

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