Brighton 2006

Week 40

A Fixed Odds League
Last update: Sun 6th May, 16:56

Week 40 - Final Standings

Congratulations to our three league champions, Russell, Glen and Mick.

Russell also claims the Superleague title along with the Premier League with a final 1/3 shot of the season seeing him home. He won't have this to fall back on next year so it will be interesting to see how he goes. The Premier League also managed to cost the kitty a four-figure sum this year despite them consistently going for odds-on-trophy-hunting selections week after week. Julian is relegated and may well get a bit of a shock next year when he sees the quality of the league he is droppping down in to.

Glen deservedly takes the Div 2 title, a good win in a tough league. This is a division that has consistently come up with the goods throughout the whole season, contributing more to the kitty than anyone whilst still looking to get a bit of value in. No 1/3 trophy hunters here and that has shown. Also lost the least money. Martin is relegated to Div 3 but he can hold his head up having never given up on looking for a bit of value in his selections rather than going for the obvious home bankers.

Mick comes up from Div 3 to the Pants and will really have to up his game to stay there next season. A year of no wins at all and a £770 loss to the kitty is not good form. Steve B finishes bottom with one of the most woeful sesaons in history, only 14 correct selections all year. This is also enough for him to claim the Wooden Spoon in the Superleague, a really poor run of form that included a block of ten whole weeks without a single correct selection. Another WAC point awarded for this.

WAC winner this year is Paul with 10 points, Hit of the Season goes to Peter with West Brom's 1-0 over Tottenham on the final day at 5/1, our beloved Chairman is Black Cross. Russell is King Tipster with anyone who followed him over the season at a pound a week now cashing in for a whopping £1.67.

A huge thanks to The Chairman particularly and to all the others who made this whole season and the AGM such a great laugh. Sorry to say we are losing Peter from next year, sad to see you go mate and good luck to you. You are always welcome to drop in to the AGM anytime.

Week 39

Haven't really got the energy for a big write up but congratulations to Glen for winning the Div Two title and promotion to the Premier League.

Marvellous weekend at the AGM, good to see everyone and thanks to all who played a part in organising it. Sorry you couldn't make it Pete.

This weekend is the final one with still a few bits and pieces to play for.

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