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Week 38

This is the website for the Brighton 2020 Fixed Odds League.

Each member selects one team from the weekend football fixed odds coupon to win, home or away. The official coupon is recognised as that being issued by Coral Bookmakers, specifically the long list on the weekend printed shop coupon. Each member pays one pound per week in to the kitty which is then used to place three seperate accumulators (one for each division) on the coupon for that weekend according to the selections made. Each member must also make an additional yearly contribution to the kitty of one hundred English pounds.

The League is split into three divisions, with promotion and relegation (one up, one down) between the Premier League/Division Two and Division Two/Division Three. Trophies are presented to each divisional champion to be held for one year. League positions are determined, in order, according to the number of correct (or incorrect) selections each person makes during the course of the season, the number of black crosses held and then by the value of those black crosses. Following that it's just alphabetical which means that a playoff situation will be generated when it affects promotion/relegation/league title. The terms of the playoff will be decided by the Chairman as he sees fit.

All the money won throughout the season, plus the yearly subs, is pooled into a kitty which then funds the AGM. Further payments into the kitty may be demanded by the Chairman during the course of the year. These demands must be met in full by the members without question.

League Rules

  1. Home or Away win only.
  2. Saturday game only. No early kick-offs.
  3. Minimum odds 1/ maximum.
  4. Select in turn.
  5. Selections may only be changed once all members of your division have had their turn.
  6. You may not select your own team to win.
  7. Stake per person is £1 per week to be either paid each Friday or by arrangement as a lump sum at the AGM.
  8. The total stakes paid by each division will be placed on a straight accumulator on the 'long list' using the selections made by that division.
  9. All winnings will be paid in full to the Treasurer to be held in the kitty.
  10. Anyone who costs the League money by being the only person to get their selection wrong in their division on any given weekend will be awarded a black cross to the value of the lost winnings plus one WAC point per £50 (or part of).
  11. £100 subs per member per season is also to be paid in full to the Treasurer prior to the AGM.
  12. A sub may be nominated for any given week but that sub must make themselves available to make the selection.
  13. If no sub is nominated or if the nominated sub is not available at the time then a new sub will be appointed by the Division Chairman.
  14. Anyone 'going Scottish' does so at their own risk.
  15. Rules may be altered on any given week, without notice, by the League Chairman.
  16. The decision of the League Chairman in all matters is final and no correspondence will be entered in to.
April 6th 2019
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